Well, well, well... I'm typing this letter to you viewers to say thanks for logging on to this blogsite. But do you know where you should be? At my new website! No longer do I have to say, "Visit my blog" but "Visit my website!" The website is and it's written in bold red letters at the top of the page. It's really nice; a lot nicer than this blog.

I trust that you'll come to enjoy this. Also, I have chosen several media and entertainment websites that relate to this blog. It should be on the left side of your screen. Enjoy yourselves and remember... Jesus is LORD!

-Joshua Shephard
Editor & Founder

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Wake up, is the ultimate destination for Gospel and R&B multimedia entertainment!! Hear music, buy clothes, do whatever concerning this Detroit-based, brand-new multimedia website designed by Joshua. This website has a truckload of websites to visits (some are links; the majority is "reference and relevance" and for your personal enjoyment). You don't want to miss!



Motown Music Crib has an official website! This blog will be included on the website. No longer is this blog serving as an official website because is finally HERE after 2 months of opening!


An invitation to a "Fired-Up" Detroit Party!

You cannot miss... if you're from another state but are planning to travel near Detroit, or something like that, stop by one of the hottest Gospel and R&B parties in town. The one that I will be at is the Tedashii Concert at Trumpeting High Praises on West McNichols in Detroit, this Saturady from 9-12a. The cost is $10 and will feature Tedashii and local phenoms BeeLee and John R. See "Friendship Ministries" for more details.


Motown Music Crib on Sunday (Vol. 1)

Today is Sunday. Still feeling a little churchy? Keep the Spirit flowing through a lookback on Fred Hammond's concert in Connecticut. Man, that voice... makes me wanna shout! Fred Hammond In Concert "25 Years in Ministry Tour" Add to My Profile More Videos ...Also watch Tonex. Just a look back on this great gospel stars, being nostalgic although not too much, coming straight from the hands of your editor, Joshua, only on MMC.

Tonex performing make me over on " The Gospel of Music Add to My Profile More Videos Oh yes, gospel music like these 2 videos above... not like the one by 2Pac below, called "Ghetto Gospel." That's just a little... any-hoo. 2Pac - Ghetto Gospel Add to My Profile More Videos See ya!



Hello everybody. This is a new segment called "Friday Night Videos" on MMC. I changed the "Wednesday" to "Friday" because I want a better timeframe to write to my viewers instead of rushing because I can't have a clear train of thought that way. Motown Music Crib is dedicated to bring you videos, by audio, music video, tv shows, bloopers, whatever! It's all TV! MMC and myself, your editor Joshua, are proud to be a part of Detroit. Detroit runs through my blood (well Jesus runs through my blood too--you know what I mean). Special thanks go out to Absolute Michigan and other blogs for including me in their blogroll. Now, this is a video clip from America's Funniest Videos. This is about a 7-year-old gospel singer. I don't know if he's joking while he's singing, but it's pretty funny. Take a look at it; I'll put some more videos here, music videos and such.



I've been doing stuff all week. I wanna listen to some music. So I get dressed and get down to church. Thumping music enough to make you dance and shout and give praise to the living God. High-strung choir. Spirit-penetrating pastor. Flocks of people feeling the same way I feel about my loving God. You should try it sometimes. MUSIC TO MY EARS...


Wednesday Night Videos on MMC, Vol. 1

WELCOME TO "WEDNESDAY NIGHT VIDEOS ON MMC!!!" I take the time out of my "thick" schedule to post weekly Wednesday night videos. I gather very interesting videos from different websites, bringing them in the "house" so that you can "eat." Are you following me so far?, I got this video from the front page of This is a home video of three marines, army boys, soldiers, whatever you call 'em, dancing along to the popular song heard on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, "Jump On It!" For those of you that are in different countries and do not know what that song is or even what "Fresh Prince" is, allow me to tell you. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a popular black TV show in the '90s, which had a successful run due to funny characters such as the main character, Will Smith. You've got to see this video, everyone. jump on it Add to My Profile More Videos


Labor Day Tunes on Rhapsody

Check out Labor Day and "OtherDay" tight beats to keep you occupied and entertained while on the computer. One more thing... did you have a great and blessed Labor Day?
Don't forget to give me my props when you log on to Rhapsody, as well as my videos & lyrics segments on Wednesdays and Fridays.


A Celebration of Motown Music and Other Classics...

It's here! Wake up everybody, wipe the drool from your face and clean up because you're in the "crib" now. This is the official opening of Motown Music Crib. I'm indeed ecstatic about this because I've been praying and asking for direction on how I can blend Gospel and R&B music onto one site. It's kinda hard to do because it may be frowned upon that Gospel has to be in a class by itself and cannot be mixed with secular music. Well...I'm known (at least to myself) for breaking boundaries.
Who says that Gospel is confined? Nowadays, Gospel is made to sound more secular, beats and all. Why? The world is looking for that "comparison." They are looking for something to stick to them. Christians are looking to explore secular beats and lyrics while staying with the margins of praise and worship to God. That's what I bring forward to MMC.
For R&B lovers, you can find Gospel being just the same tunes and beats as what you regularly listen to. Gospel can be giving reverence to God, the Saviour and author of salvation. So mixing the two will get the best of both worlds, making the music industry just a bit smaller and more "intimate." After all, there's peace and smooth ambience in the house. In what house?? Hmmm... it's none other than Motown Music Crib. This post contains a collaboration of years of Detroit/ Motown music, both Gospel and R&B, as well as some newcomers outside of Detroit. Whether in Detroit or overseas, you're always welcome in the "crib."

True Beauty by Mandisa

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